Yokers Family History (Andrew Yokers lineage)

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Yokers Family History

Andreas Jockers was born January 3, 1858 in Eckartsweier, Germany.  He married Kathryn Gopper February 7th , 1881.

Upon immigration to the United States in 1885, Andreas' name was Americanized to "Andrew" and his surname was changed from "Jockers" to the phonetically similar "Yokers."

They had 7 children:  Andrew (Jr.), John, Edward, Anna, William, Minnie, and Herman.


Andrew Yokers (Sr.) photos

Andrew Yokers

Kathryn & Andrew Yokers

The Yokers Family 1911

Front Row: Kathryn, Minnie, Anna, Andrew (Sr.)

Back Row: John, Andrew (Jr.), George, Herman, Edward

Minnie (L) and Anna (R) Yokers

Andrew Yokers (Jr.) and Anna Lutz

Pearl Clark, Leona, Gerald, Lorna, John Yokers

Edward G. Yokers

William Yokers

Herman Yokers